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    Easy to use, lightweight, neutral and secure enterprise search software with mobile support. Find instantly what you're looking for and immediately download data from your computers in a familiar and secure way. read more

  • Support for common


    Cloudscraper works with common servers in your company like http, ftp, email, microsoft exchange server, samba shares and others to bring valuable company data into search results. Easily add, remove, schedule and monitor using administration panel. read more

  • Support for common


    Cloudscraper works with common data formats and file types like textual, PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org™, archives, images, audio files and many others. read more

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    Secure search

    Use administration panel to set who can search what by assigning different collections to different users or user groups. Suggestions you get while typing into search box will also be secured. read more

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    Real-time search

    Get updated search results as soon as your data changes by setting your locations in real-time mode. read more

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    Search you sms, mms, contacts and other mobile data using our client app. Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone supported. read more

About Us

Meet our team of IT professionals

We're a selected group of passionate IT professionals hooked on bringing enterprise search experience closer to a wider population of users by utilizing simpler user interface and advanced search algorithms.
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Our technology

Index and search your enterprise in a few clicks!

Our flexible and lightweight technology gives you maximum control over indexing and searching process. Tailor your search results by allowing only certain users or user groups to see result subsets.
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Latest Tutorials

Cloudscraper Installation Video

In this short video we demonstrate how to install cloudscraper enterprise search using platform-neutral installer and Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit system.
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It's really easy to setup and search various data repositories and mobile devices using cloudscraper. Flexible licensing and affordable prices as a big plus!

Michael Moore, Enterpreneur

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